About Us

Financial Planning Student Group (FPSG) is a not-for-profit organization founded with the aim to give students across Australia the chance to get involved with the financial planning industry. We strive to represent the next generation of financial planners, throughout their journey.

FPSG will serve as a discussion board, a development platform, and an industry knowledgebase for students interested in financial planning as a career. This will be achieved through our educational presentations, competitions, and career related activities.


  1. Enhance student’s recognition of the financial planning industry: We aim to hold events in a variety of educational institutions throughout Australia, so students are able to recognise and understand the benefits of a career in the financial planning industry.
  2. Foster student growth: Our members consist of some of the brightest and best from universities across Australia. We aim to provide them the tools to build their skills and knowledge, so that they may provide Australians professional and trustworthy financial advise
  3. Provide networking opportunities: We regularly host events at universities throughout Australia with the sole purpose of allowing our members to connect and interact with the best financial planners in the industry.
  4. Secure the future of the financial planning industry: We aim to not only spread recognition of the financial planning industry, but to also facilitate the growth and development of the next generation of financial planners, so that Australians can remain confident that they are receiving sound financial advice for generations.